Shir’s passion for art began at an early age, when as a young girl she would spend summer’s with her grandfather in Israel, first hovering over him while he painted and then watching intently as he taught her how to use a brush. Her early childhood love for hand–making jewelry for her family and friends laid the groundwork for what would become her desire to create more sophisticated pieces to express her love and emotion for them.

Jook and Nona evolved after becoming an apprentice to renowned jewelry designer, James Colarusso. During her time working beside James at his Lower East Side studio in Manhat- tan, he provided Shir with invaluable technical skills, earnest critiques of her work and a wealth of invaluable experience.

After working with James and graduating from Parson’s Shir still was unsure of what path to take. Shir did not think that making jewelry for a living could be a reality. The universe took over, after her long-time boyfriend proposed. Evolving as an expression of love through art, Jook & Nona designer, Shir Michaels used the pinky prints of her and her hus- band to create a one of a kind wrap around necklace in 14 karat gold that they could both wear around their hearts. Drawing on the same aesthetic that inspired her original piece, Shir created Jook & Nona jewelry – an entire collection of beautifully hand crafted, one of kind pieces.

Shir was just doing what she does best, expressing her feelings through a tangible, yet visual piece of artwork. Following a overwhelming amount of requests from friends, family and strangers to provide similar pieces for them and their loved ones, Shir decided to take a risk and begin to create jewelry full time, Jook and Nona was born.

Jook and Nona pieces are delicate, hand crafted and meaningful. They are representative of my own personal style. They are the type of pieces that you will wear every day and that can effortlessly compete with almost any outfit for any occasion.”

Since starting Jook and Nona, Shir’s designs have caught the eyes of several notable celebrities and Manhattan socialites. Jook and Nona’s current collection includes necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings all adorned with the collections unique signature pinky print. Each piece is customized with your unique pinky-print, making each piece specific to you and truly, one-of-a-kind.