Fingerprint Pendants

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At Jook and Nona we have the most extensive selection of custom-made, personalized jewelry for sale online. Our fingerprint collection offers the option for customers to shop for fingerprint pendants and thumbprint pendants to personalize any piece of jewelry we have for sale. Buy one or more fingerprint pendants to customize a necklace to give to someone close to you. Add a personal touch – literally – with the family’s thumbprint pendants to any gold, silver, or brass bracelet for mom for Mother’s Day or any other occasion! Pair mom’s new custom family bracelet with our thumbprint necklace or custom nameplate necklace online to give her a gift of memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Thumbprint Pendants

Personalize any ring with a fingerprint charm for yourself or someone special in your life. Hold someone near and dear to you every step of your day with our fingerprint pendants of deceased loved ones. Remembering someone who has passed has never been more beautiful with our thumbprint or fingerprint pendants of deceased family members. Shop online with us today for our fingerprint pendants of deceased family members or fingerprint charms and pendants for to personalize rings, bracelets and necklaces to keep the people you love close with you at all times.