Fingerprint Necklaces

Customized Silver & Gold Fingerprint Necklaces

At Jook and Nona, we’re known for our unique, handmade fingerprint jewelry collection. From rings, to bracelets to gold necklaces and silver necklaces, we’re able to hand make customized fingerprint jewelry for you to buy online. Custom jewelry is always a great gift to give but with personalized fingerprint jewelry, you’re able to take the meaning of the gift a step further. Give someone special in your life the gift of customized silver and gold fingerprint necklaces for any occasion. Give new parents the unique and one of a kind gifts of child and baby necklaces to always keep their family close with every step of life or browse through our child thumbprint necklaces to keep mom and dad close to a child at all times as they grow. Buy custom handprint jewelry for anyone you want to keep close to you or for yourself to always be with.

This collection was meant to be the most unique style of jewelry because at Jook and Nona, we know that every fingerprint is different, just like every human and relationship is different. One of the best ways to keep someone who has deceased close to your heart is with our literal heart touching thumbprint heart necklace. That way your loved one who has deceased will always be with you in memories and spirit with a little help from a special piece of jewelry. Available in gold or silver, these personalized pieces of jewelry are the best gift to buy for anyone, including men! Give your parents or your husband stunning and unique his and hers necklaces. His and hers necklaces make for a great valentines or anniversary gift and they can range in styles from our fingerprint and custom name plate collections to simple silver necklaces and gold necklaces.

Baby & Child Thumbprint Necklaces

When you buy a custom nameplate necklace online with us you have the ability to personalize your jewelry and avoid any misspellings you’d get from larger and less personalize jewelry companies. Custom nameplate jewelry can be customized for men, women and child necklaces. Browse through our inventory of handmade custom jewelry today to check out our one of a kind handprint and fingerprint collection to buy the most meaningful and stunning jewelry you can find online!