Fingerprint Heart Necklaces

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Thumbprint Heart Necklaces

At Jook and Nona, we’ve taken customized jewelry to a whole new level. We’ve taken the most unique aspect of a human being and put it on a pendant and other jewelry pieces for you to wear. The thumbprint and fingerprints of humans are unique to each individual. We wanted to make jewelry that is also unique to each customer. That’s why we’re the best online jewelry store to find fingerprint jewelry. Our fingerprint collection offers a variety of different styles of jewelry ranging from rings to bracelets to necklaces. For your next Valentine’s Day or anniversary, shop online for fingerprint heart necklaces or thumbprint heart necklaces for your significant other. With our fingerprint heart necklaces, you can keep the one you love the closest to your heart with a personal touch, literally.

Thumbprint heart necklaces are one of kind in that no one else in the world will have yours or your loved one’s thumbprint. Choose from silver or gold thumbprint heart necklaces to fit any personality or style. Our fingerprint collection of jewelry is our most popular and sought-after jewelry collection we have. Mix and match necklaces and bracelets with those who you love the most. With our fingerprint collection, you can keep those you love close to you through every step of your day. If you’re looking to create a necklace with the fingerprints of your children or family, you can customize and create multiple fingerprint pendants on one or more necklace chains. The beauty of being able to customize your jewelry with Jook and Nona is that it is your personalized creation. If someone close to you has passed on, what better way to always hold them close to your heart than with a thumbprint necklace of the deceased. Hold someone near and dear to you even after they’ve moved on with our touching and meaningful jewelry.

Fingerprint Heart Necklaces

Aside from our fingerprint collection, we also offer custom necklaces with yours or your loved one’s name on it. Buy a custom name necklace with us online today to customize jewelry to finally have the correct spelling of your name or someone else’s name spelled correctly on jewelry. Those days of searching in jewelry shops for the right spelling of a name is over, with us we’ll customize a necklace to fit the exact spelling and style of any name. Our jewelry is made to fit for both men and women, shop his and hers necklaces online with Jook and Nona today for any occasion! While you’re checking out our inventory, browse through and buy our one of a kind fingerprint heart necklace today!