Fingerprint Charms

Thumbprint Charm Jewelry

At Jook and Nona, we have the most unique and stunning high-quality jewelry for sale online. Our thumbprint charm jewelry can’t be found anywhere else! Thumbprint charms are the perfect addition to our custom-made bracelets, necklaces and rings. The most unique part of a human is their fingerprints. Buy yourself or someone close to you fingerprint charms to add to a necklace or bracelet to make for the most unique, personalized gift you can buy.

Thumbprint Charms

Browse through our inventory of jewelry to add one or more of our thumbprint charms to it to create the perfect jewelry gifts for mom for Mother’s Day, or just because! Our fingerprint charms are created by you with our fingerprint kit and then sent back to Jook and Nona to be custom made into brass, gold or silver jewelry, that’s how we make the best fingerprint jewelry. We also offer the option to let someone close to you buy their own style of jewelry with our jewelry gift certificate so you can avoid guessing what they might! Shop for thumbprint charms and fingerprint charms online with Jook and Nona today to buy the most unique and personalized piece of jewelry you’ll ever own!