Looking to do a Little Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning does not exempt you from keeping your jewelry in tip-top shape. Jook and Nona are here to give you the advice you need to avoid damaging your jewelry and make sure it shines this Spring. Our jewelry is all handcrafted, so we put together some tips directly from our experts who make and clean jewelry every day.

Most of your jewelry can be cleaned with common household items, things like; baking soda, aluminum foil, vinegar, vodka, and even club soda. The most important thing to remember when physically cleaning your jewelry is to be gentle as you are working with precious metals.

When cleaning your silver jewelry it is best to start with some silver polisher. Easy to find at most hardware stores, this can remove tarnishes quickly and efficiently. Baking soda mixed with water makes a solid DIY solution. Just be sure to use a soft cloth when rubbing out imperfections.

In regards to your gold jewelry, you will want to get a toothbrush.  Mixing some dish soap and seltzer water will give you a good base into which you can clean your jewelry without ruining it. Let it soak a bit before you start lightly scrubbing with the toothbrush.

Our last tip for DIY jewelry cleaning is completely free, provided you have a stove and a pot. Boiling water does wonders for cleaning your jewelry, as heat and steam will break up and remove dirt. Soak your jewelry in hot water for a quick few minutes and let it cool after you remove it. Run over it with a soft cloth to bring it to a sparkle.

We here at Jook and Nona hope you find these tips helpful and hope that your jewelry will benefit from your Spring Cleaning adventures. If you are looking for more jewelry safekeeping tips, or just looking to add to your collection contact us today, or visit our website: https://jookandnona.com/.

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